Blender 3D: Noob to Pro

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O Blender 3D

Ova knjiga je tutorijal slobodnoj, besplatnoj, open source Blender 3D grafičkom alatu za modeliranje i renderiranje. Za više informacija o Blederu pogledajte Blender 3D.

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Početnički Tutorials[uredi]

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Miscellaneous Tutorials[uredi]


This book is a series of tutorials arranged in a sequence to help the newbie user become a Blender expert. The tutorials attempt to increase in difficulty along the learning path that a user will likely take, so that intermediate users can jump in at whatever tutorial is most suitable for their knowledge and can continue along the sequence. Although there are many different learning paths a user could take, we've made a concerted effort to accomodate everyone.

The tutorials should be followed in sequence. Blender beginners should not skip ahead in tutorials and expect to be able to accomplish anything because the tutorials build on what was taught in the previous tutorials. Best of luck to all!


Trenutačna verzija je Blender 2.5 Alpha 2 . Blender is available in pre-compiled executable form for Windows, Macintosh, Linux (i386 and PPC), Solaris, Irix, and FreeBSD. Because Blender is an open source project, it can be compiled for other platforms as well. Please check the current download page for the newest releases and installation information.

The information in this Wikibook should reflect the most current version at all times. However, due to the complexity of such a task, users like you as well as authors are encouraged to make updates when information becomes outdated.

Contributing to this book[uredi]

If you would like to contribute to this book, you are strongly encouraged (read "begged") to do so! There are a couple of things you may wish to do:

(Note to Firefox users: There is a useful toolbar just for editing wiki pages.)

Editing a page[uredi]

Simply click on the "edit this page" link at the top of whichever page you would like to edit! Your contribution will be immediately made live, but will also be quickly reviewed, so using these pages to link to your favorite pornographic site is a waste of time and energy, as offending additions will be quickly removed. You can also ask questions and make comments about each page by clicking the "discussion" link at the top of the page.

Adding a page[uredi]

If you would like to add a page to the book, such as a new tutorial page or a reference page, create a link to it under Contents section on this very page. Then with that link live, click it to be taken to the new page where you will be able to create content for the page. If you're putting up a tutorial and you don't know where it belongs, put it in the Miscellaneous section for now and we will tweak it and put it in the right spot. For instructions on how to name your pages appropriately, click here.

In order to maintain ease of navigation throughout the book, please be sure to create links to the pages before and after your new page, using the format that can be seen here. Also be sure to update the page before and after your new page with links to your new page. You can skip this step if you doubt the page you are putting in will likely be moved from where you put it.



Here is a list of the contributors to this Wikibook:

  • 01mf02 - Doing the small, boring work :-)
  • Allefant - Worked on panorama rendering and python scripting.
  • Bmud - Clean up, typography, grammar poker. I hope I can finish a game engine tutorial soon.
  • Camel - Proportional Editing tutorial, other fun stuff.
  • Chw333 - Added a draft tute on creating smoke using particle system.
  • Crouch - Doing some tiny jobs
  • Darkonc - Newbie adding and fixing stuff as I read.
  • Dragontamer - Created Print Version
  • EatMyShortz - Clean up and expansion of articles.
  • Freakazoid - just a few edits ;-)
  • Goeland86 - Various tuts and screenshots
  • Jonon - Various suggestions (modelling, animation)
  • Oracleoftruth - various small edits, started tutorial on bones
  • popski - Tutorial Links & misc
  • Randolf Richardson (a.k.a. "") - mostly many minor grammar and format improvements
  • saysaknow - Clean up
  • Snargle - started the hotkeys section, before signing up
  • spiderworm - Got the ball rolling with this book, working on it still
  • Surphaze - Some texturing tutorials
  • Wwwwolf - Simple hat
  • ZeroOne - Images, edits and extensions to existing pages
  • Ideasman42 - Python OBJ exporter example in advanced tutorials, Radiosity Baking.
  • Brett: made pages more printer-friendly, added instructions on how to print a section
  • ParallaxTZ - Link edits for continuity between ToC and individual pages.
  • Gabio - Advanced Animation Section.
  • David Osborn - Python import scripting
  • Yosun Chang - clarifications, screenshots, tutorial .blend files

Some of authors can be reached for comments and questions via IRC:

  • Server:
  • Channel: #blenderwiki

We would like to thank the Blender Foundation and Blender community for this terrific software and the great support.

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